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“Big Brother”: Maria Cerqueira Gomez's reaction to Francisco Valle's last-minute decision

“Big Brother”: Maria Cerqueira Gomez's reaction to Francisco Valle's last-minute decision

Francisco Valle has retracted his decision to appear on the program “Em Família”. Cristina Ferreira, Claudio Ramos and María Cerqueira Gomez interacted live on TVI.

Jessica Galhovas will be a guest Maria Cerqueira Gomez And Ruben Rua on Saturday the 13th of “Em Família”. However, with the young woman entering 'Big Brother – The Ultimate Challenge', this will no longer happen.

On the other hand, in the morning “Dois à 10”, the broadcaster announced the presence of Francisco Valle in the afternoon on Saturdays on TVI. “I will welcome Francisco Valle. I am from the time when Francisco Valle was still jealous of Fabio [Gonçalves]“, declared Maria Cerqueira Gomez, referring to another competitor from Reality showFrom Queluz de Baixo station.

After a few minutes, Christina Ferreira She was surprised by the last-minute decision made by Jessica Galhovas' boyfriend. “Our coordinator now told us that [Francisco] Vali listened to Maria [Cerqueira Gomes] He talks and says he won't come anymore. So, is this the situation now? And now people say they don't come to the programs? Are you afraid?” the announcer said jokingly.

In turn, Claudio Ramos indicated that Francisco Valle is in Esposende, where he belongs. “Francisco will definitely come. He wanted to rest in the north for a few days, but I think he will come now, because 'Em Família' has a big following and he wants to defend Jessica,” he said.

Cristina Ferreira left some advice for the former “Big brother“. “Life will now go on, strong and with your head held high.” Therefore, we must be here with an open mind, and respond to what needs to be responded to.” Claudio Ramos appealed: “Don’t disappoint us.”

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In a joking tone, María Cerquera Gómez replied: “So I came here to say that Francisco Valle will come tomorrow and that Jessica has already been chosen for me. And now, neither Jessica nor Francisco Valle is coming?! This is a bit of a shame.” “TV isn't what it used to be!”

“The suspense now is: will Vale be on Em Família tomorrow or not?” Cristina Ferreira concluded amid laughter.