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“Big Brother”: No cups, kicks and chairs – boiling

“Big Brother”: No cups, kicks and chairs – boiling

The main heroine of the latest edition of “Big Brother”, Catarina Miranda, has been evicted from the TVI reality show. The decision came from the production and the channel, and was announced in a special broadcast led by Claudio Ramos, after the former competitor had a heated discussion with Joao Oliveira, which had unexpected effects.

The chef got up from the table angrily and threw a glass cup on the floor. One of the shrapnel hit Gabriel's arm, causing him to bleed. It was David Mauricio who helped the agronomist and removed the shrapnel from his arm. With so much controversy in the mix, Miranda ended up leaving the house.

However, this was not the first time (and likely won't be the last) that a contestant left a TVI reality show due to inappropriate behaviour. In the first edition of “Big Brother” in 2000, Marco Borges reportedly kicked Sonia Vega in the stomach after a quarrel and ended up forcing her to leave the game, in a decision made by mutual agreement with Endemol.

Later, in 2010, in the first edition of “Casa dos Segredos”, Vitor Rangel created a jealous scene and pulled the hair of his girlfriend Ana Isabel, threw a chair at Joana Janeiro and had a drink at Hugo Villgueras. He was fired, of course.

Bruno Savat, who recently entered the “Desafio Final”, was sent off from “A Quinta – O Desafio” for pressing Daniel Gregorio's neck after getting excited with Larama and Liliana Filipa, in an edition that also saw Pedro Capitao leave early for attacking Pedro. Paros. These are just a few examples..

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