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Big Brother: Nuno Homem de Sa recalls the existential crisis on the curve of life: "I'm sick of myself!"

Big Brother: Nuno Homem de Sa recalls the existential crisis on the curve of life: “I’m sick of myself!”

The Big Brother Gala – The final challenge on Sunday 15 May, was marked by the participation of “Curva da Vida” by Nuno Homem de Sá, which revealed the most amazing moments of his life so far.

Nuno Homem de Sa, the son of a Portuguese father and a Spanish mother, had a childhood “very happy“Up to 6 years old. At that time, his parents divorced and left a strong imprint on him: “I remember hearing them argue. I really admired my mother for her independence and strength“.

His career as an actor happened by chance while he went to accompany a friend Pour From the 1982 TV series Villa Faya which ended up competing for the role.

I’m going to the USA where I’m staying 10 years on the road. Marco was born in 1990, and I only met him when he was seven months old because I didn’t know he existed. I think: will you be a man or will you become a worm? I decided to be a man and wasn’t able to turn my back on a child. good life Neighborhood is over”, the actor revealed about the time of his life when he found out that he had a child in the United States.

For his son Marco, Nuno Homem de Sa became a father twice again with the birth of his two daughters, Joanna and Sophia.

In 2009, my father came home and left me in a big void. On his birthday, I lost that wonderful man in me, no doubt‘, Nuno Homem de Sá who, also crying, recalls the existential crisis he experienced in 2014 shared:I’m tired of myself! Four decades, I get drunk, I try drugs and decide I should stop. In Peru they were doing medical treatments and I decided to find Nuno. It bothered me thinking about myself, it bothered me looking in the mirror, it bothered me all about me“.

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At this point in your life when you come back to it reality programsNuno Homem de Sá lives a new love, whom he met when he left Big Brother Famosos, and has no doubt that Frederica Lima is”woman in your life“:”What I’m feeling I’ve never felt for anyone and she knows it. It’s a sympathy and complicity beyond anything he’s ever felt before. She understands me well and we have the strength together. No one has expressed their love for me as I have in such a short time.“, Shouted.

Watch the full life curve of Nuno Homem de Sá: