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‘Big Brother’: Sonia Jesus admits she’s disappointed with Vito

‘Big Brother’: Sonia Jesus admits she’s disappointed with Vito

In an exclusive interview, awarded to the “TVI Extra” program, Sonia Jesus, former contestant of “Big Brother 2020”, admitted that she was disappointed with her fiancé, Vitor Soares.

Among the news that marked the world of celebrities this week: After nearly a year in detention, on suspicion of drug trafficking, the trial of Vitor Soares begins.

Exclusively for “TVI Extra”Sonia Jesus, the defendant’s fiancée, was absolved when the trial began. Finally, the trial began, and in addition to the public trial, the other trial finally began. […] Overall judgment is difficult, especially comments in sites Others…,” he began to vent about the former contestant.Big Brother 2020“.

At the same time as the public trial, Sonia Jesus admitted that “nostalgia is also hard to deal with.” “the girls [as filhas Maiara e Naísa, de 11 e oito anos, respetivamente] Now they just want a father with them, as soon as possible,” he asserted, taking the opportunity to ensure that both children “have never been subjected to an act of bullying“, At school.

Among the revelations in court, Vitor Soares stated that he had never dealt with drugs, considering himself a cocaine user. In “TVI Extra”, Sónia Jesus confirmed that she was not aware of this dependence on the groom: “I have never seen any change in behavior and I don’t think he is very addictive. This happened when I wasn’t around, he was on ‘Big Brother’ and he was very fragile, And very emotionally unstable… On a night out, he had a relapse. He said it was because of work, on the night, which is no excuse. I also called him attention, when he told me… No I felt betrayed, I felt shocked, sad and disappointed. But I will never leave him.”

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