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Espen Rostrup Nakstad i Helsedirektoratet

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This article is over a month old and may contain old advice from authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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In less than a week, on Monday 19 July, England and Scotland will lift many coronary restrictions, and society will reopen.

At the same time, the infection increases and the delta variant spreads.

122 researchers and doctors signed a letter He urged the British government to reconsider its plans to reopen in July, calling the plan a “dangerous and unethical experiment”.

Espen Nakstad, assistant director of the Norwegian Health Directorate, also criticizes the plan to allow more people to become infected.

What they’re doing is trying to create immunity among those who haven’t been vaccinated — by relaxing the procedures a little bit and allowing more people to get infected over time throughout the fall. As he says, I think they take a lot of risks when they do that.

At the same time, it is an admission that they may not quite hit the target with their vaccination program, and may not be vaccinated as much as they had hoped, Nakstad told NRK

He thinks there is no doubt that it would have been a better solution for England and Scotland to vaccinate more people, and get vaccine coverage as high as one seems to get in Norway.

Excitement after the final

On Tuesday, 36,660 new people were registered to have contracted coronavirus in the UK in the past 24 hours. It is the seventh day in a row that the number of new infectious dogs exceeds 30,000 Sky News.

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87 percent of the population over the age of 18 received their first dose. 66 percent got the second, According to the authorities’ numbers.

At the same time, there is tension over the impact of the European Championship matches on the spread of infection in London and England. England played both the semi-final against Denmark and the final against Italy at Wembley in London.

Huge crowds make their way to the stands for the European Championship final on Sunday in London.

Photo: Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP

Before and after matches, pictures of people were seen in large crowds, both in the stands and on the streets.

The impact on infection rates will not be seen until a few days later, but the World Health Organization’s Maria van Kerkhove says the lack of consideration for the spread of infection during the European Championship final was “overwhelming”. euronews.

Learning to live with the virus

When reopening begins on July 19, it means many restrictions will be lifted: in England, no bandages will be required anywhere, nightclubs will be allowed to operate without restrictions, and there will be no cap on the number of people. They can meet, and the one-meter distance rule is relaxed in most cases, he writes BBC.

The plan is that people should “begin to learn to live with the virus” and “exercise judgment” in daily life, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says.

People are lining up outside the store.

People line up outside a clothing store in Manchester. Soon they will also be able to go to bars, fitness centers and festivals without restrictions.

Photo: Jon Super/AP

It could be games of chance

Espen Nakstad thinks reopening in the UK is a bad strategy.

Now many of those who received the coronary artery vaccine within a few weeks or months are at risk. Allowing the infection to spread, he says, when you get the impression she is doing so now, can be a big game of luck.

Nakstad draws parallels to how Britain dealt with the pandemic just over a year ago, and what happened next.

– At first they tried to take control, and when they saw that it was not working, they were fired a lot. This has resulted in more than 100,000 deaths in the UK, and a large number of hospitalizations, he says.

Affects unvaccinated elderly

The Assistant Director of Health believes the question now in the fall will be how many unvaccinated elderly people in England are at risk of infection when they catch a larger wave of infection.

– To my knowledge, there is a good proportion, of British adults as well, who have not been vaccinated, who have refused. With a large wave of infections, he says, many of them risk becoming seriously ill.