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“Big” words by Claudio Ramos leave Cristina Ferreira's ears “burning” – Nacional

“Big” words by Claudio Ramos leave Cristina Ferreira's ears “burning” – Nacional

The other “Big Brother” has come to an end and… Bruno Savat, 39, becomes the biggest winner of the “Desavio Final”. Al-Shamali received 68% of the votes, which secured him first place in this special edition of “BB”, with a final prize of 20 thousand euros.

despite of, This version of the TVI reality show had another winner: Claudio Ramos. The 46-year-old broadcaster returned to present the format, Instead of Cristina FerreiraAfter the Director of Entertainment and Fiction was responsible for the recent releases of the programme.

The words of “Kabir” – the voice of the program – were the greatest award that Claudio Ramos could receive, the culmination of this challenge: “I want to thank you because you were with me every day, we exchanged letters several times, you supported me. In the moments I needed you and I am sure that I You were here when I needed it too. We actually make a great couple, I have a lot of fun with you and it's easier to do it with Claudio by my side.

The Voice even said that it would not replace Claudio with any other presenter, even if it was Cristina Ferreira or Teresa Guilherme. “Thank you seriously. Congratulations.” You are an amazing presenter and I wouldn't trade him for anyone.

“I couldn't have made a better choice. You did a good job in “BB2020”, but “Desafio Final” made you a great host for this reality show. Congratulations,” congratulated “Al-Kabir.”