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Bill Gates and his wife Melinda to divorce – E24

This was stated by Microsoft founder in a Twitter message.

Bill and Melinda Gates, here in 2017.

Julian De Rosa / Environmental Protection Agency


After 27 years of marriage. The two are behind the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is the largest private charitable foundation in the world, with an estimated value of $ 46.8 billion. Forbes writes. The purpose of the Foundation is to improve global health and facilitate a level playing field for the world’s population.

By 2020, the foundation will have donated more than $ 300 million to fight the ongoing pandemic.

Bill Gates has over time donated $ 35 billion of Microsoft shares to the fund.

In the Twitter message, Bill Gates wrote that the two will continue to work together on the basis.

The Microsoft founder became a billionaire in 1986 and is today number four on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people.

In recent years, he has increasingly withdrawn from Microsoft. Today, he owns a 1.37 percent stake in the information technology giant, according to CNBC. It has a market value of more than $ 26 billion. CNBC writes that it is not clear how the divorce will happen from a financial perspective.


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