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Billionaire in a terrible accident

Billionaire in a terrible accident

British billionaire Richard Branson (71), known as the founder of Virgin companies, blogger He was the victim of a “violent bicycle accident (again!)”.

Branson explains that he was riding the bike at high speed when the brakes stopped working. The 71-year-old flew off the bike and feared he might have broken his back.

Fortunately it wasn’t that bad. The billionaire survived the accident along with fellow racer Felix Stilmazek with deep injuries, scrape marks in his elbow and an “unusually large bullet” in his left hip, as well as a large buildup of fluid in his leg.

– But it could have been so much worse, Branson Blogs.

The accident occurred in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, where the elderly billionaire Fight the British Virgin IslandsIt is a charity race in which participants compete in a number of different disciplines. The money raised goes to an organization founded by Branson’s children, Holly and Sam.

The Virgin founder has crashed seriously on a bike before. In 2016, he fractured his chin and ruptured several tendons.

Branson concludes that he is now sitting with his feet in the air, icing on the injuries, which are well on their way to recovery.

– Many thanks to everyone for the good wishes! Concludes.

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