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Birthday party for Jessica Athaide and Diogo Amaral's son

Birthday party for Jessica Athaide and Diogo Amaral’s son

a Little Oliver, son of Jessica Azade and Diogo Amaral, turned two this Tuesday, June 8. A date celebrated with a themed party. But “the wind did not help,” as the actress recounted on her Instagram page.

Best family photo we got! Firefighter theme because I thought the kid deserved a family birthday party. The wind didn’t help,” she began by writing Jessica Athede in a caption for a series of photos taken during the ceremony.

“Wine has helped me with my mental health and the amount of sugar there is today will be worth a night that obviously won’t sleep well, but Two-year-old pudding that deserves the world“he added.

When she thanked lifeinparty for “having a great party,” the actress said when she thanked lifeinparty:Unfortunately it flew with the wind“.” The biodegradable balloons are from “1001 Festas” and the cake was so perfect that I thought I’d freeze a three-year-old candle by Chef Renata Ibanes. There is nothing better than seeing our children happy“, Completed.

See photos of this moment in the gallery.

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