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​Watykan ukarał biskupa seniora diecezji bielsko-żywieckiej Tadeusza Rakoczego. Stolica Apostolska zakazała mu uczestnictwa w celebracjach i spotkaniach publicznych. Musi też wpłacić określoną kwotę na rzecz Fundacji św. Józefa. To pokłosie sprawy związanej z tuszowaniem pedofilii wśród duchownych - Rakoczy zignorował informacje od ministranta, który przekazał mu, że był molestowany.

Bishop Thaddeus Rakosi was executed by the Vatican

The Vatican has sentenced Thaddeus Rakosi, a senior bishop of the Diocese of Pelesco-Ivy. The Holy See forbade him to attend celebrations and public meetings. He must also pay a certain amount to the saint. Joseph. This is the consequence of a case involving the clergy covering up pedophilia – Rakoshi ignoring reports from the altar boy that he had been sexually abused.

“Acting in accordance with the provisions of the canon law and the Motto Proprio of Pope Francis vos Estes Lux Mundy, Holy See – following formal notices – proceedings were instituted against Bishop Thaddeus Rakosi’s neglect in cases of sexual abuse.

Rakoshi made the following conclusions against the Holy See Bishop:

– Do not participate in any public celebrations or meetings;

– The command to lead a life of penance and prayer;

– Prohibition of participation in the full meetings of the Polish Bishops’ Conference;

– Payment of appropriate funds from private funds to the St. Joseph Foundation, established by the Polish Episcopal Conferences, to assist victims of preventive measures and abuse.

In September 2020, the Onet portal published texts in which Janus Simik, a victim of sexual abuse, Fr. John W. – A parish priest in Myatsiprotsi Pyalski from 1984-2014 – he and other boys were sexually abused. He recalled going to the then Bishop of Peelsko-Ivych. Tadeusz Rakoczy gave him memoirs written from 1984-1989 and asked for his intervention, but it was not.

In the absence of action, Simik Fr. Thaddeus Isakovich-Saleski. The clergyman insists he had a personal meeting with the card. Stanislaw gave Divis and him a letter in which the clergy described specific cases of child abuse., Including the case of Międzybrodzie Bialskie.

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Card. After the speech, Divis issued a statement in which he expressed regret over the “immense harm done to Mr. Janus Simik” and announced that he would take steps to meet him in person. He proposed setting up an independent commission to investigate the matter. He noted that he does not remember getting any documents in this case.

“I personally handed the letter to Cardinal Digivis.” Fr. Izakovich-Soleski about homosexual priests

"I personally handed the letter to the Cardinal Digivis".  Fr.  Izakovich-Soleski about homosexual priests

Janus Simik sent a letter to Pope Francis asking him to appoint an independent commission to clarify his case as soon as possible, as well as to sentence the diocese: Bishop Rakosi and Cardinal Diocese.

In October last year, the diocesan phase of investigations into Bishop Rakoshi’s negligence in dealing with child sexual abuse cases on behalf of two diocesan clergymen was completed.

In March, the state commission for pedophilia sent a notice to the state prosecutor’s office about six clergymen who failed to notify law enforcement agencies about child abuse by their deputies. Onet portal announced it Related announcement, among others, Thaddeus Rakosi, Stanislaw Divis, Roman Pindle and Piotr Gregor.

The notice was sent to the Krakow Regional Attorney’s Office. It refers to the opportunity to commit a crime under Art. Criminal Code 240 – This is a punishable failure to declare a crime. The clergy named in the announcement had sufficient knowledge of child sexual abuse in previous years. The Commission stressed that there were no formal barriers to prosecute them.

On March 21, a message from Curia was read in the churches of the Diocese of Peelsko-Ivy, emphasizing that “there is no permission to cover up cases of sexual abuse of minors.”