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"O Bitcoin vai comer poeira depois do dia 14 de Abril" – esta criptomoeda pode disparar após evento aguardado pelo mercado; pegue um lote aqui

“Bitcoin will eat the dust after April 14” – this cryptocurrency may take off after an event the market has been waiting for; Take a lot here

The phenomenon that made Bitcoin advance 8432% in one year in another cryptocurrency will be repeated – André Franco, the analyst responsible for making a return of 453% in 2020, will give a lot of digital assets that should take off after the event that will happen on April 14th.

In the past few months, it has become popular to read positive news related to Bitcoin And the job market Encrypted Generally. In February, for example, we saw Cryptocurrency The most famous jump in the world 54% Only 24 hours after the billionaire invested Tesla.

But what many don’t know is that the digital asset market goes beyond the Bitcoin. Today, there are more than 6 thousand cryptocurrencies are traded daily. Many of them are even much more profitable than special ones Bitcoin.

As with a file Digital assets off the radar, Which – which It belongs to the “fever” category at the moment – NFTs (Symbols not subject to fungi). No Google, Apple, Amazon, Tesla And even Bitcoin Not identical if purchased on return delivered by the latest Rising Star from Digital currencies.

She left them all Eat dust By assessing yourself incredibly well 1.345% In the year against “bachelors” 113% Act Bitcoin.

In order to get the valuation volume, this means that those who had the cryptocurrency in their wallet at the beginning of 2021 were able to double their invested funds by more than 14 times in just 3 months In the same period it was Ibovespa Fluctuates negatively and Stable income Lose to inflation.

Although it was an express estimate in a very short period of time, everything points to thisYou only see the beginning of the exponential movement. This is because some experts claim that even after this rally, the current value is much lower than what cryptography should really achieve in the near future.

One of them is André Franco, whom Coin Telegraph Top 50 has elected as one of Brazil’s 50 most influential analysts, in 2020.

April 14th – An event that the market is highly anticipating

Andrei believes that The phenomenon that will happen on April 14, 2021 It has everything to make the digital asset in question jump in again and leave all that proceeds received so far “In the slippers.”

“I assure that this should be the biggest opportunity to make a fortune in cryptocurrency still in 2021. It is no exaggeration to say that whoever can predict this date can become a millionaire. Bitcoin will eat the dust again after the fourteenth – Andre Franco

Franco is optimistic about the history due to the observed similarities between The phenomenon that will occur on the fourteenth It’s the Half, The update responsible for making Bitcoin receipt 8.432% he won what if It doubles 85 times in just one year – I’ll explain more about it later.

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Before, it is important to know that on April 12, in A. 100% event online and 100% freeAnd André will provide the exact instructions for his readers to be able to Expect and take the most profit from this event, without unnecessary risk.

In addition, the specialist will also Give a lot of cryptocurrencies involved So that no one is excluded from other possible over-multiplication. And time couldn’t be better to accept this gift …

I want to have a lot of CRYPTOMOEDA that may take off after April 14th

12,000 riyals became more than a million after this phenomenon

Not many people know, but in the same way that our computers and mobile phones undergo robust updates in their operating systems, from time to time some cryptocurrencies also update their protocols in order to improve critical points, such as the operation, security, and scalability of their operations.

Everything to catch market attention and attract new investors. After all, no one wants to buy an old phone or computer or pose a risk to its users. The logic is the same for digital assets.

But what really matters about this story is that some updates are so big and so important that they cause a craze in the market capable of causing excessive real complications.

One of the most prominent examples of this scenario is Half, Which is nothing more than a scheduled update to the Bitcoin protocol that makes HIT HALF is produced every 4 years. It happens to control the inflation of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and prevent the artificial fluctuations of the digital currency.

Since the creation of Bitcoin until now, it has all been halving this way: Bitcoin production decreases, and thus a new cycle of appreciation begins, the law of supply and demand. Note the chart below:

Demonstrates Bitcoin’s trajectory after recent supply shocks. The first half happened in November 2012. The result? Bitcoin appreciates + 8.438% The next twelve months. This means that in just one year:

  • 100 BRL has become 8,538 BRL;
  • 1.000 BRL has become 85.380 BRL;
  • 12,000 Brazilian Real has become 1,000,000 Brazilian Real.

Likewise, the second half was created, which took place in July 2016 + 2.875% Bitcoin appreciation to the next peak.

But it all passed, who managed to anticipate halving Bitcoin while still unknown had the opportunity to become a millionaire. The important thing is that on April 14th Event A similar scale will occur, But with another cryptocurrency, Much smaller than Bitcoin.

Does this mean that the same profits will be delivered? Not necessarily, past returns are not a guarantee of future returns. But according to André, it is disproportionately beneficial to be put on the right assets before such events actually happen. You have a lot to gain and little to lose.

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More than that if we take into account that Franco goes Give a lot of cryptocurrencies Who might be the biggest beneficiary of the event.

I want to have a lot of CRYPTOMOEDA that can duplicate Bitcoin’s super profits after half

And if you think that all of this is just small talk and that the movement may not be all that, know that it does happen … and anyone with the asset in the wallet is already making a lot of money.

56% in 24 hours…. The movement has already started: “Will you watch others make money or will you participate?”

Since it has happened on a global scale and will move billions of dollars, it didn’t take long for the phenomenon to become news around the world:

Fonte: Yahoo Finance

The result of this madness that arose during the event was a related assessment of the coding in question. As of the day I write this article, it has risen more than 56%.

According to André, the trend is that the closer we get to the date, the greater the appreciation of the assets involved, the ability to make their biggest leaps on the fourteenth day, and even beyond that date, as happened with Bitcoin distance Half Let’s bring another example, as it also happened with EthereumAfter updating it on 12/01/2020 he called Ethereum 2.0.

since then Ethereum Leave 3 thousand riyals To be quoted today in more than 12 thousand.

Appreciation 4 times the amount invested, Or 500%. And guess when the upward movement started for the second largest cryptocurrency in existence? Exactly on the date of the event (12/01/2020), as you can see in the chart below:

Ethereum 2.0

“Major updates are bringing with them large influxes of buyers Bitcoin after the halving, Such as Ethereum depois did Ethereum 2.0 And I think the same should happen with my new bet after 14, he says Andrei for his readers.

Register for FREE to receive lots of CRYPTOMOEDA that can quit after April 14th

Take a bunch of cryptocurrencies that can start after April 14th

Timing is crucial here. Since this is a very small (and unique) window of opportunity, set to happen in the coming weeks – April 14th – you need to act now, with the right information on hand. Trust me, you don’t want to miss any details of what you need to do to advance this event.

I repeat, this could be the biggest money-making opportunity you will still have in 2021.

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So, if you missed the first stage of estimating a newcomer to the crypto world, don’t worry, because after the 14th you will have another opportunity to invest in it and reap the returns, who knows, similar – And you can do it in the best way.

Because, as I said earlier, Andre, is by your side Give a lot of cryptocurrencies Who might be the biggest beneficiary of the event. He’ll also release a free video explaining what to do to anticipate motion.

To ensure you attend the event, all you need to do is register for free This page You’re not going to pay a cent to watch the video Andre prepares for Day 12:

I want to have a lot of CRYPTOMOEDA that may take off after April 14th

But why would Andre give the cryptocurrency as a gift?

Before I say goodbye its nice to show you something, I think we’re among the adults here.

Andre puts the main bet only on his wallet because, for him, it is very beneficial to be recognized as an analyst who recommended buying the new ball at that time in the cryptocurrency market before becoming, in fact, a major player.

It’s a win-win relationship, with Franco gaining notoriety within the cryptocurrency investor community, while his readers are exposed to the new analyst’s bet with virtually no risk.

As strange as it may sound, at first, you need to know that this isn’t the first time Andre has done this. The analyst gifted his voters with big bets on two other opportunities. see below:

The first was in 2019, when the analyst decided to give Utility symbol Link chain For your subscribers. Since then, the crypto operations have built up 3.400% Evaluation. That is, whoever invested the initial value provided by André already got multiples 35 times.

Whoever did not take advantage of Andre’s first gift, but decided to accept the second, was also not left behind. Because on 12/08/2020, Franco gave his readers a lot of Avi. Since then, there’s been more 826% Accumulated profits … Multiplication greater than 9 times.

But nothing compares to the appreciation potential that Franco sees for his new bet.

“You will only need one day … 24 hours … This could be the biggest chance to make a fortune with a cryptocurrency in 2021.”

Register for FREE to receive lots of CRYPTOMOEDA that can quit after April 14th

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