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Blac Chyna removes fillers from her face and lips.  Here is the video

Blac Chyna removes fillers from her face and lips. Here is the video

BLakshina is ready to embrace her natural beauty again. As mentioned earlier, the 34-year-old model, who became known after her relationship with Rob Kardashian, has embarked on a new journey.

This week, for example, Blac showed off the procedures she had to undergo to remove the fillers she had on her cheekbones, chin, and lips.

“That’s enough,” he said on his way to the clinic, “I want to take everything off.”

“I’m tired of this look. It doesn’t fit me anymore. It’s not who I am. It completely changes my face and I’m ready to go back to being Angela.” [seu nome verdadeiro]”, predecessor.

Previously, the character had already advised her followers not to take silicone injections into her buttocks. “I want all women to know that they should not get silicone injections because they can get sick, they can die, they can develop complications and other waste,” she said, indicating that she wanted to reverse the procedure she had at the age of 19.

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