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Black Adam: Discovering Twain Johnson in costume is a "magical" moment for the producer

Black Adam: Discovering Twain Johnson in costume is a “magical” moment for the producer

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As Black Adam was finishing filming, one of the film’s producers revealed how he felt when he first saw Dwayne Johnson in a TV antihero costume.

Warner Bros. France

Seven years after being declared Shazam’s enemy, Twain Johnson was finally able to slip into the Black Adam costume this year! Expected in the Dark Rooms of France in a Year, the shooting of the film, directed by Jam Colette-Serra, is actually set to end in mid-July.

Producer Hiram Garcia returned to the microphone just before the start of this crazy adventure Variety In the premiere of Jungle Cruise (another Golet-Serra film produced by Garcia wearing Johnson is set to hit theaters tomorrow). And especially on the day he found his friend in a black Adam costume.

There are times (…) when you say to yourself ‘I will never forget it’. When he came in that dress, it …”, He begins before explaining that he made sure this moment was filmed so that it would never be forgotten.

Add more: “You will be blown away when you see it. He is a walking superhero. He has been preparing for this role for over 10 years, so if you see him coming alive in front of you, it’s magical!

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A producer with the art of turning fans’ mouths into water!

Also keep in mind that Twain Johnson will answer for Dr. Fatil Pierce Brosnan, Altis Hodge in Hockman, Nova Sentino in Atom Smasher, Quintesa Swindel in Hurricane, but Sarah Shahi to star in ISIS.

The Jungle Cruise Trailer: