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Blake Lively apologizes to Kate Middleton for her “ridiculous post”

Blake Lively apologizes to Kate Middleton for her “ridiculous post”

BLake Lively used her Instagram account to apologize and say that she was ashamed to have manipulated the controversy surrounding the photoshopped photo by Kate Middleton, in which the Princess of Wales appears with her children, an image released to highlight Mother's Day (which in the United Kingdom is celebrated On March 10).

The American actress used Instagram to promote her new drinks brand, creating a very cartoony montage, in an apparent reference to the engagement made by the Princes of Wales.

The post shows the actress's face superimposed on a body that does not appear to be her own, with a larger than normal thumb.

Now, in Stories, the actress has apologized for her stance.

“I don't think anyone wants to hear about this today, but I guess I have to admit it. I wrote a ridiculous post about the 'Photoshop fails' craziness, and oh my god, that post is leaving me freaking out today. I'm sorry. Sending you love and blessings. Best wishes to everyone always,” he wrote in the caption of the post, which you can see below.

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It should be noted that the princess announced on Friday, 22nd of this month, that she has cancer and is receiving treatment.

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