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"Bleeding Hero" opens second round door for the Czech Republic wide «

“Bleeding Hero” opens second round door for the Czech Republic wide «

Czech striker Patrick Schick went to the ground after an elbow test by Croatia’s Dejan Lovran in the penalty area, then used the penalty with a bloody nose in the manner of Rocky Balboa. Striker tied Sex 1-1 with Croatia in the 16th round.

12:34 pm, June 19, 2021


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The group match between the Czech Republic and Croatia lasted 33 minutes, ending 1-1: Dejan Lovren is in an air battle with Patrick Schick of the Czech Republic The elbow meets the chic on the face. For a few minutes, the shik should be stunned and treated in the penalty area. With a bloody nose, the Leverkusen attacking man stands up again and immediately takes logical punishment for himself. After video sources.

With a consistent vision and a still bleeding nose, he used a dry point of 1-0 for sex at half time and is a man of the match. In the first game against Scotland he scored twice, even once from the 45m. “I had tampons on my nose and I couldn’t breathe, but somehow we did it“, The attacker said, after which he allowed himself to be treated for a long time.” He was very determined and really wanted to take this punishment, ”the coach said Jaroslav Sylhavi. Ivan Perisic As is well known, he kept alive Croatia’s chances of 16 rounds with his 1-1 draw.

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Shik qualified as the highest scoring contestant on the second group match day. He may already have the weird wins of the tournament in his pocket. In addition, the Sexes can already plan with 16 rounds because they have already collected four points before facing England on the final day of the match.. The Croatians must win against Scotland to dream of a promotion with four points.