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"Blood Moon".  How to see the total lunar eclipse in Portugal minute by minute - Observer

“Blood Moon”. How to see the total lunar eclipse in Portugal minute by minute – Observer

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A celestial dance will provide Earthlings with a show that materializes in the night sky during dawn from Sunday to Monday. One The total eclipse will cover the moon in red when the Earth passes between it and the sun; The Earth’s natural moon is covered in the planet’s shadow. Portugal is on the path of the astronomical phenomenon and you will be able to observe the “blood moon” between 3:28 am and 7:52 am in Lisbon.

Mark your calendar next: It all begins around 8:11 p.m. in Lisbon, with the moon rising like a huge red globe on the horizon. Don’t be fooled: at this point, Earth’s natural satellite is still illuminated by white light from the sun. But when the moon reflects this same radiation, it turns reddish as it scatters it into the Earth’s atmosphere, he explains. Lisbon Astronomical Observatory.

The The real eclipse begins at 2:31 am, when the moon begins to enter the semi-shadow of the Earth The least dark region in the planet’s shadow – and increasingly dark gray colours. The scene intensifies at 3:28 a.m. because this is the time when the moon begins to show reddish-brown hues as it enters the darkest region in Earth’s shadow – the shadow.

The The moment of the peak eclipse will be between 4:29 AM and 5:54 AM in mainland Portugal, when the Moon is completely inside the Earth’s shadow cone and wears red. But it never completely disappears: during an eclipse, sunlight passes through the planet’s atmosphere and is scattered. Blue and green light is absorbed, but the red rays go on and hit the Earth’s natural satellite.

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This total eclipse is special because the moment of perfect alignment between the Sun, Earth and Earth’s natural Moon It occurs just two minutes before the full moon at 5:12 AM. After 42 minutes, it began to emerge from the shadow of the earth, gradually turning from red-brown to gray.

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