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Blue March raises awareness about colorectal cancer prevention and screening

Blue March raises awareness about colorectal cancer prevention and screening

The Madeira Regional Center of the Portuguese League Against Cancer (NRM-LPCC) has challenged the community to join the “Blue March” movement which includes a range of activities related to colorectal cancer awareness and prevention.

The Program of the Month was presented today, at the headquarters of the NRM-LPCC, in the presence of the President of the NRM-LPCC, Ricardo Souza, the Clinical Director of SESARAM, Julio Nobrega, the Vice President of SESARAM, Filipa Freitas, and the doctors Ana Paula Vieira, Orlandina Figueira, María Olem and Joana Carvao. And Jorge Fernandez.

In Portugal, colorectal cancer is the second most common in women after breast cancer and the second most common in men after prostate cancer, and ranks first in terms of deaths, with prevention and screening important to reverse its trend.

The Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign aims to engage the entire community and challenge various public and private institutions to light their facades blue, with many events planned, including conferences, awareness activities, fundraisers, exercise classes, tournaments, concerts, parades, and exhibitions. . One of the most symbolic moments is the “Faz das tripas Coração” procession, which takes place at the end of the month in Funchal and is accompanied by other municipalities.

During this session, the book “ABC Colorectal Cancer” was also launched, with the aim of conveying knowledge about this disease to the population, making them more informed about their health, and forming a source of support for the patient and your family.