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Blue November: Find out when to get your prostate exam

Blue November: Find out when to get your prostate exam

It will be 1 in 9 men diagnosed With prostate cancer during his lifetime. According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), Brazil recorded about 65,840 cases in 2020. This is The second cause of death of cancer in men, second only to lung cancer.

Therefore, it is important to carry out a preventive examination, because early diagnosis can significantly increase the chances of a cure. It is estimated that when symptoms begin to appear, 95% of cases are already in an advanced stage. When diagnosed in the early stages, the probability of cure is about 90%.

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November Azul was created to educate residents about the importance of the exam. The Department of Health recommends that men over the age of 50 go to the doctor to assess the need for an examination. The periodicity should be determined by the specialist as the case may be.

For those with a family history of prostate cancer (father or brother) before the age of 60, this procedure is recommended exams from 45 years old. Other tests may be ordered if prostate cancer is suspected, such as biopsies, which remove parts of the prostate for analysis, and guided by a transrectal ultrasound.

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Prostate cancer screening

“We want to alert not only the health of the prostate, but also to encourage men to take more care of their health, and to undergo tests that can prevent a series of other diseases. Women have this care culturally, but men only go to the doctor when they do not feel well. Realizing that it is also necessary to have a medical examination is essential”, Dr. Geraldo Faria, in order to Brazilian Society of Urology.

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The State Security Administration also highlights that many men fear Exam Screening for prostate cancer that’s why they don’t go to the doctor to do it. However, in addition to the importance of avoiding severe cases of the disease, today there are imaging tests, which in some cases can be detected in a less invasive way.

“The two main allies in the early detection of prostate cancer are the digital rectal examination and the dose of PSA – a substance produced by the prostate and which an increase in the blood indicates problems with the gland. In some cases, it is indicated for the presence of problems in the gland,” says HCOR urologist Dr. Antonio Correa López Neto. Multi-criteria MRI and prostate biopsy for diagnosis Enterprise website.

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