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New Shepard da Blue Origin

Blue Origin: Officials say they won’t fly the new missile

Those in charge of agencies and space companies ensure, whenever they have the opportunity, the safety of their equipment, as well as the safety of their flights. However, a new article written by current and former employees of Blue Origin disputes this security.

In addition to other issues, the article calls into question Jeff Bezos’ company’s commitment to safety.

Recently, a group of current and former employees of Blue Origin wrote an article He questions Jeff Bezos' space company's commitment to safety. In fact, the authors state that they did not feel safe enough to fly the company's rocket when they had the opportunity.

Many of us have spent our careers dreaming of helping launch a manned rocket into space and seeing it safely return to Earth. But when Jeff Bezos flew into space in July of this year, we didn't share his delight. Instead, many of us watch with an overwhelming sense of unease. Some of us can't stand watching it at all.

Blue Origin staff wrote.

Photo of the new Shepherd missile from Jeff Bezos' company Blue Origin

In the article, the authors did not list New Shepard's security issues. blue origin. In turn, they describe a work environment characterized by work-stressed teams that, despite their increased workload, do not receive salary increases or workforce reinforcements.

According to Blue Origina employees, this environment, along with a lack of regulations covering the safety of an emerging industry, such as commercial flights, has forced workers to prioritize speed over safety. Therefore, the probability of something going wrong during the flight is strong, in their opinion.

Blue Origin was fortunate that nothing had happened so far. Many of the authors of this article say they will not fly the Blue Origin craft. And no wonder - we've all seen how often teams go beyond reasonable limits.

said the engineer who also contributed to writing the article.

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In addition to the issue of security and overload, the article also mentions that Blue Origin is a sexist company.