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Blues Brothers: Have you seen Steven Spielberg's cameo?  - cinema News

Blues Brothers: Have you seen Steven Spielberg’s cameo? – cinema News

Clement Choir


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During one scene, a particular Steven Spielberg appeared in the cult comedy “The Blues Brothers” airing this Sunday evening Art. With a mustache for the ceremony, did you see the director?

If you’re a cinephile, you can not miss Steven Spielberg’s little appearance in the cult comedy The Blues Brothers, which airs on Art this Sunday evening. The American director actually appeared for the duration of a short scene he directed just before 1941, with Don Ackroyd and John Bellushi, Bellowshi.

Spielberg, then in his thirties, with a mustache, plays a tax collector in Blues Brothers, who receives with satisfaction the money that both Jack and Elwood, the two heroes, came to give him as part of the film’s event. . A paragraph The video can be found here.

Blues Brothers work full of star cameos. We see the credits of Star Wars’ Princess Leah, but also Henry Gibson, Frank Oz or John Landis, the film’s director.

According to Steven Spielberg, a little blink of an eye on another filmmaker’s job is a small pleasure he has given himself on so many occasions, such as the Kremlins, Men in Black, Vanilla Sky and the Austin Powers in Goldmember. Appearances to discover (re) in our dedicated top 5 show.

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