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Blumenau opens new influenza vaccination schedule

Blumenau opens new influenza vaccination schedule

There are 6,500 doses intended for application between July 26 and 30. Scheduling can be done on the city’s website or by calling the health centers

Blumenau city, in Itajai ValleyI reported Friday afternoon (23) that it allowed new times to schedule the influenza (flu) vaccine. According to the municipality, there are 6,500 new doses to apply between July 26 and 30, for people older than six months.

Vaccine dose against influenza virus and influenza – Photo: Ricardo Wolffenbüttel / Secom SC

Vaccination is carried out in the health centers in the vaccination room and in the seven outpatient clinics that are open for long hours until 8 pm.

Scheduling can be done in City Council websiteor by contacting the health centers. The Alô Saúde phone is exclusively for requests related to the Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health states that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 must adhere to a time period of at least 14 days to receive influenza vaccination. The same guidelines apply to those who have received the flu shot and will be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Low immunization coverage

So far, Blumenau has vaccinated 10,662 people against influenza since the start of the national vaccination campaign, the number representing 63.6% of vaccine coverage, far below the target set by the Ministry of Health, which is to immunize 90% of the population.

The flu vaccine protects against more severe forms of the virus, which can also be fatal.

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