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BMW tells you not to drive or recharge iX and i4 trams due to fire risks - Monitor

BMW tells you not to drive or recharge iX and i4 trams due to fire risks – Monitor

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US consumers have been told by BMW and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the local authority with the Road Safety Portfolio, that They must urgently stop driving or recharge their BMW iX and i4 electric car, with NHTSA also providing advice on the best places to park. As always, it is the American market that reacts faster to security issues, despite the fact that all iX and i4 devices in circulation are currently manufactured only in Germany, including those that are marketed in Portugal.

As with other builders, BMW also has to deal with safety issues related to the battery. More specifically with the cells used in the formation of on himwhere The possibility of a short circuit In a high voltage circuit it may cause a fire.

The cells in question were not made by BMW, a manufacturer that has not yet invested in this capacity, but was purchased from outside suppliers, the South Koreans from Samsung and the Chinese from CATL, All indications are that they may have a manufacturing defect. The cells are imported, then the cells are formed. strap which will be installed in the vehicles, near the factories where they are produced, the i4 at the Munich plant and the iX at the Dingolfing facility, both in Germany.

In addition to general notifications via Site From NHTSA, which we reproduce here, BMW will communicate with each owner directly. The fact that it is an invitation to the workshop categorized as “urgent” certainly deserves the attention of those interested.

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The number of vehicles involved in this Re-Call too small because Recently, electric SUVs and saloons from BMW began to be introduced in the US market. With the brand estimating that only 83 units are at risk (56 iX and 27 i4). The number of units sold of these two models is much higher in Europe, Even in Portugal, about which there is no information.

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