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BNews – Important victories – Benfica

BNews – Important victories – Benfica

Issue 306 | April 29, 2024

Director: Pedro Pinto | Diary (Free)


Important victories

This edition of BNews is dedicated to Benfica's sporting action on Sunday.

1. Five-pointed victory

After a difficult opening set that saw Sporting lose their advantage, Benfica were stronger than their opponent and won the third match of the national championship final 3-1, and are now one victory away from a fifth championship. The next match will be the first Wednesday at the Estadio Pavilhão João Rocha.

Marcel Matz considered this “an indisputable victory, on home soil, played well, and with the support of the audience.” The Benfica coach praised the Benficistas: “Now we have an away match, and we will try to win, but if we cannot win there, we have another match here with the support of our fans. When we play here the atmosphere is exciting.” for us.”

two. One step away from recovery

Played until the final seconds, Benfica won the first challenge in the final match of the Women's National Basketball Championship with a score of 51-53 against Uniao Sportiva. Benfica's new victory means a return to the top of the sport. The next game will be on May 1 at Luz at 3 p.m.

“The only responsible attitude for a team that wants to win titles is to start from scratch and forget about this match,” says Eugenio Rodriguez. “Treat the match on the first day as if it were the first match in the playoffs.”

Marta Martins calls on Benfica fans to attend: “We are one win away from the title and the next match is at home. We are very happy. But there is still a long way to go. We hope for a full hall.” And to celebrate together at the end of the next match.”

3. Excellent road

The Benfica women's handball team fought until the final whistle to qualify for the Women's European Cup final, but failed to add another chapter to the historic journey they had already begun. The result of the return match in Luz against Juventa Michalovce was 30-30, which is not enough for Benfica's intentions due to the score 30-28 in favor of the Slovaks recorded in the first match.

João Alexandre Florencio praised the team: “I feel very proud of the journey these athletes have taken, we were one step away from the final. This team, in three years, started winning national titles, in eight years we won seven, and in the second European participation championship we were on “On the verge of reaching the final… There is nothing to point out, we lacked a little bit of experience, maturity and knowledge of how to play at home with our fans, which is a big responsibility, and we admitted that at the beginning of the match!”

4. Unfair lottery

Benfica's second team tied with Tondela 1-1. Nelson Verissimo highlights the unfairness of the result: “We played a great second half. Obviously we're sad that we didn't win the three points, we created enough chances to win the game.”

5. Other results

The Benfica women's ice hockey team won 1-9 on its trip to Sanguanense. The U15 team won 0-1 in Tondela. The women's water polo team began the qualifiers with a victory over the California Passions team (5-17).

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