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“Boasting is not dreaming! It’s just a lack of cradle and sympathy…”

“Boasting is not dreaming! It’s just a lack of cradle and sympathy…”

Cristina Ferreira was once again the object of analysis by the specialist in human behavior Susana Ariel, whose first version of “Christina Talks” has already caused a lot of talk.

Now, the specialist has analyzed Cristina Ferreira’s speech at the Lisbon edition of the TVI Introduction conference, and goes back to her harsh words, admitting that the event “brought nothing new to personal development”, on the contrary as she later clarified in the transcript.

Susana Ariel broke down the main points in Christina Ferreira’s words: “Shoes. Showing off is not dreaming! It is just a lack of cradle and a lack of empathy for people who make sacrifices to follow it.” Still shooting Susanna Ariel wrote: “They don’t realize that the symbol of their achievement can degrade people over whom they triumph over is buying a house, paying the annuities, and helping the family.” can be read.

Later in the analysis, Susana Areal confirms: “These shoes cost a fortune, for many of you that’s what they make in a month”? – Nobody told you that the minimum wage is 760 euros? – In addition to making people feel poor, it also assures that they will likely be for the rest of their lives! Any speaker who says, “Some people will never in their life be able to afford these shoes.”He admitted further.

Susana Ariel ends the analysis with Christina Ferreira’s final sentence at the event: The final message from Christina Talks was: Be quiet and sit down, you are waiting for death. No running to make dreams come true!‘, can be read.

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