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"Bobeck" fights barefoot!  We know the details

“Bobeck” fights barefoot! We know the details

Arousing great interest and controversy, Pavas “Bobek” Mikholajov was announced as the new player of the GROMDA organization. The rapper, who has a past at KSW and the famed MMA, will fight barefoot.

Voltaire Osovsky


In Instagram / popek_oficjalnie / Photo: Bopek

According to information provided by GROMDA on social media, Paves Mikolaju will be presenting himself to fans at the GROMDA 9 gala on June 10th.

So far, in martial arts, the 43-year-old has won the Fight MMA for fights in the martial arts and more recently. In the largest Polish MMA organization, he defeated only Robert Bernica, and he had to acknowledge the superiority of Marius Budzhianovsky, Tomas Ozzyvinsky and Ergo Jun.

In turn, he fought two fights in the most prosperous Freak Fight organization in Europe. In September 2020, in his debut, he quickly dropped Damien Stusic, and in March of this year, lost to Norman Park in the first round due to a hand injury.

At GROMDA 9 the show will be “Popek”‘s first official fight. Transfer of event only in PPV system.

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