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Bodens: "I just wanted to get away from Lisbon, but give Sporting something"

Bodens: “I just wanted to get away from Lisbon, but give Sporting something”

Daniel Bodens was one of the Sporting players who withdrew after the invasion of Alcochetti Academy. The striker moved to Olympiacos, where the Greeks reached an agreement with the Lions and paid the player seven million euros.

In an interview with the Greek newspaper Gazzetta, Bodense did not want to talk about the incident, but did address the agreement between the two clubs.

“That was a relief. From the very first moment, all I wanted to do was move away from Lisbon, but at the same time I also wanted to give Sporting something for what they did for me from the start. As soon as I learned that the legal dispute might end with Sporting receiving payment, I said on Immediately yes, ”the attacker said.

“Olympiacos has done a lot for me by helping me in this case,” he added, as he spoke about his relationship with Pedro Martins.

“He’s a great coach. Part of what I am today was built by him. The way he prepares for matches tactically and the way he mentally prepares the players is a different thing. He does not forget anything. This gives the player freedom and at the same time it gives responsibility. “

Bodens also remembers his childhood and against growing up in a mostly charitable family and that he himself was a fan of the Red Club.

“In my family, especially my brothers and cousins, they are Benfica fans. And I, before the age of 8, 9, when I went to Sporting, supported Benfica because of them. However, over time, dressed in Sporting’s colors and exemplifying their values, I easily became a Sporting fan. I think I will stay forever. ”

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Bodense, now a Wolverhampton player, who questioned his ability to perform well in the Premier League made a promise: “Wait, I just started.”

The striker admits it won’t be easy, but says he still hopes to represent Portugal in the European Championship: “I had two serious injuries this season that reduced my chances, but I still think I can be called up.”