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Boeing 737 cargo plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean - VG

Boeing 737 cargo plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean – VG

Looking for graphics: a US Coast Guard ship off Hawaii. Foto: Craig T. Kojima / Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Both those on board survived the accident after a dramatic rescue.


Two pilots reported engine failure before their crash outside Hawaii on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

– One of the pilots said that this does not look good, before the big Boeing 737 crashed and crashed.

Both those on board survived, but were seriously injured. Rescue workers found the two while holding onto bundles and pieces of planes.

One stuck to the cruise tail, while the other stuck to the parcel, Coast Guard Karen Evelyn wrote in an email to AP.

Describes a very dramatic and successful rescue operation.

Aircraft of this type: A photo of a cargo plane similar to the one that crashed into the sea off Hawaii on Saturday night. Photo: Eugene Tanner/AFP

– The plane began to sink and dragged the injured under the water. The Coast Guard crew was able to lift this person. The other was rescued by one of the crew who swam and pulled the person aboard the rescue ship.

According to the local news site Hawaii now The accident was said to have taken place about 20 kilometers from the Kalelo Airport.

The accident happened just before 2:00 local time. It was a Transair 810 from Honolulu to Maui that reported an engine problem, and attempted to return to Honolulu. Reports to US aviation authorities.

– We lose one engine and go straight back to the airport, one pilot manages to report to the tower.

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– There is a danger that we will lose the other motor as well, it is too hot and we will lose speed.

The pilot was also able to say that one had to notify the Coast Guard before it became quiet for the person in the tower who received the emergency call.

– They seem to have gone into the water, says the one in the tower.

The Coast Guard was on the spot quickly and reported what they saw, and were able to locate the two individuals.

The accident is now being investigated by the US NTSB Accident Investigation Board, and ten investigators are sent to the crash site.

According to the Associated Press, the Boeing jet was 46 years old and the 737-200, which is no longer used as a passenger aircraft, is 46 years old.

Boeing’s stake has already started to sink after news of the accident, according to street.