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Boiling: A hot chair full of excitement, accusations and crying fits on the floor.  Find out everything!  -Big brother

Boiling: A hot chair full of excitement, accusations and crying fits on the floor. Find out everything! -Big brother

Find out everything that happened in the hot seat this Sunday.

The hot seat after this Sunday's concert was hotter than usual. Tensions flared several times, punctuated by accusations and provocations, but it was also a unique moment of Miguel Vicente's heroism, which no one will forget.

It is first important to remember that this Sunday's ceremony was marked by the expulsion of Leandro and the entrance of competitors Carlos Souza, Antonio Bravo and guest – Big Brother observer – Marcia Soares.

After the ceremony, the competitors gathered for the usual aftermath, and the atmosphere, already tense, turned tense several times. First, with Bárbara Parada and Miguel Vicente, who insist on not understanding each other and exchange provocations.

She faced Barbara, saying: “I said, ‘You will be dealt with one by one. It turns out today, a little more humility wouldn’t be bad for you.’” Miguel explained his opinion, and without wanting to give too much importance to the topic of his ex-girlfriend, he changed the topic.

The rival began to apologize to Bruno Savatti, because he said he hated him, but what seemed like the beginning of a peaceful dialogue, turned into a heated argument, due to the controversial phrase that Rafael Teixeira whispered in Miguel's ear.

Bruno Savat confronted Rafael about what he said and asked Big Brother to clarify the whole situation, which raised the mood in the house. Savat criticized Miguel for pointing out mistakes and doing the same with him as well as with Francisco Montero.

Savat pointed out that “the violation of privacy was felt by (…) the same mistake that you accused me of.” Barbara intervened in the discussion and destroyed Miguel's position in this situation: “I would never in my life play the victim, spit, or pretend it was blood.”

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In another argument, Patricia Silva disagreed with Miguel Vicente, and appeared sad with her colleague. He did not leave her without an answer: Did you care to put yourself in my position? (…) My friend would not do what I did,” he said in a tense atmosphere. Patricia also confirmed: “There is no friendship.”

Perhaps the most memorable moment in the hot seat was when Jessica Galhovas accused Miguel Vicente of being the “biggest manipulator” in the house and the challenger started crying (in a sarcastic tone), lying on the floor simulating a “tantrum”, crying. “Drool and snot.”

Anger erupted and Francisco Montero Miguel Vicente was completely devastated: “You annoy me so much (…) He is a nuisance, the worst thing we have in society.” Miguel ended up waking up mid-discussion and was the target of criticism once again.

There is still room for a quarrel between Diana Lopez and Francisco Montero. Francisco laughed as Diana spoke and her response was: “You make me less, that's the only thing you know how to do.” Jessica became involved in the discussion and the shell broke between the two competitors.

“You told the dream, defense attorney?” Diana said to Jessica, also highlighting Antonio Bravo's words: “Papagio.” The contestant was not impressed and replied: “Don’t talk about my education!”, and the two entered into a heated argument.