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Bola - Benfica defeats Oliverness and retains the lead (Basketball)

Bola – Benfica defeats Oliverness and retains the lead (Basketball)

Benfica conceded and beat Olivernes, 76-75, in a match of the third round of the second stage of the Betclic League, which was held in the late afternoon of Wednesday, in Pavelhao Vedelidad, in Lisbon.

In a very well-balanced match, the unionists managed to get through the break (44-38), but an exciting third period from Benfica (27-13) allowed Norberto Alves’ men to rest that was crucial. At the partial end.

It should be noted that Oliveira de Azmes’ team was on hand, entering the last ten seconds in possession of the ball, but the turn of the attack spoiled everything for the team led by Joao Figueiredo.

Zane Waterman (23 points) was the game’s top scorer, having been well accompanied by Sean Willett (19 points, 13 rebounds). On the red side, Ivan Almeida (17 points) and Wendell Lewis (14 points and 11 rebounds) starred.

Benfica, who remains at the top of the tournament, will play at home again in the next round, hosting Sporting in Luz, with the derby taking place at 5:30 pm on Saturday. The next day (6 pm), in Oliveira de Azmes, Oliverance and Porto will face each other.

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