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BOLA - Lions account for fines and fan attraction (Sporting)

BOLA – Lions account for fines and fan attraction (Sporting)

And Sporting appealed, through a statement, to its supporters, stressing the fines that have already been imposed on the club this season because of their actions.

Here is the version:

“The support of Sporting Clube de Portugal fans has always been and will continue to be essential to confirm the greatness of the club and support the athletes and teams. With this support we have all experienced unforgettable moments on the pitches and wings. And it must continue to be so. The vast majority of Sporting CP members and supporters are showing their love for the club in a healthy way. In the defense of you, your safety and well-being, and the supreme good of Sporting CP, we implore everyone to respect the rules of each competition.

Just yesterday, Sporting Lisbon learned about the sanctions imposed by UEFA for the matches at home against Besiktas (total: 6750 euros) and Dortmund (total: 34,250 euros), which are added to the fine for the match in Germany (10,000 euros), A total of €51,000 for misconduct by fans at Champions League matches.

With this value, now known, there are more than 127,000 euros in fines imposed since the beginning of the current sporting season due to incorrect behavior by fans (use of pyrotechnic devices, throwing objects on the field, chanting that competition organizers consider incorrect. ).

In the league alone, with only about a third of the competition finished, fines totaled over €63,000, of which about €40,000 related to Estádio José Alvalade’s general conduct; The remaining fines relate to the Super Cup (4,245 euros), the Portuguese Cup (5406 euros), the League Cup (510 euros) and La Liga 3 (2,601 euros).

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The continuation of this path may lead us to situations that may, in the latter case, cause losses, both serious and useless, to the club.

First, the sporting losses: the accumulation of fines, in addition to the increasing trend, can lead to a maximum of a partial or complete ban of the stadium, with obvious harm to everyone, from the start to the fans, who may be deprived of watching the national champion live.

Second, the economic losses: The club clearly has other investment priorities. We appeal to everyone to continue to support the club at the highest levels, while saving completely useless costs, wasting resources, the precious contributions of its members, and questioning the safety of those attending a sports match. turns out.

It’s game day!

Long live Sporting Club de Portugal! »