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Bola - Lyon Central is fanatic about... Porto (European League)

Bola – Lyon Central is fanatic about… Porto (European League)

Lyon – Jeronimo Silva is the father of Damien da Silva, a 33-year-old defender with a career at clubs such as Niort, Chateauroux, Rouen, Clermont, Caen and Rennes and training at Bordeaux. The defender arrived this season in the historic Lyon, where he had the opportunity to cross with his favorite team, FC Porto, confirming his Portuguese roots, located in the parish of Oliveira de Santa Maria, in the municipality of Famalicao. Having been off the bench for Dragão, a situation that has made him particularly sad, Damien is waiting for the opportunity to take on the Dragons at Groupama Stadium.

“I hope Lyon win and Damien plays. It was good for him, he went in for a few minutes with Rennes in the second half. The defense was a little weak, it could be an option. It was very important for him to be able to face FC Porto. He was sad because He did not play his first role. In other games it does not bother him much, but this game has special components ”, notes Jeronimo, the main influence on the sport of his son, already born in France.

“Since he was young he only watched FC Porto, always looking for results, looking forward to watching matches, collecting FC Porto shirts and other equipment. And he still keeps it and searches for it. In Rennes, he asked a fellow money man to bring Marija’s shirt. And it was. In the meantime, he gave me one from Mariga because he has many others from FC Porto”, explains Jeronimo, who is also the champion of the Dragons.

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“It was me who gave it to you. My brothers from Sporting and Benfica, they tried to pull him out but they couldn’t, he was always by my side. I can’t even rate how he likes to play at FC Porto!”, says Jeronimo, realizing that his son is in a good time to get to know On his father’s country better.

“He is at the end of his career at the age of 33. I think it will end beautifully if I can still play in Portugal at a good club. I am not only talking about the big ones, SC Braga or V. Guimarães would be interesting, even because they left it near from their ancestral home. But if it were Porto Football Club, it would be the best that could happen to it”, imagines Jeronimo Silva, defying Damien’s idols.

“Pepe is his great reference, he was already in the first stage at FC Porto. He was in Portugal with the aim of looking for the shirt but I don’t think that was possible due to Pepe’s misfortune in the match. But if he can, he will change it this time”, assures Jeronimo , adding that whenever he visits Portugal, the player does not distribute “a cod à Brás”.