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Bola - Porto suffers but is guaranteed a place in the 'half' (Portugal Cup)

Bola – Porto suffers but is guaranteed a place in the ‘half’ (Portugal Cup)

Porto suffers but confirms “socks” in the final stage

Good Dragon Entry promised more. Uribe’s goal, in the first few minutes, which Pedro Silva fired in with a powerful shot after a corner kick, seemed to lead Porto’s side (which had won a little more than a month ago in Vizela, 4-0, to the league) so far to another quiet victory. purely wrong. Vizela responded, with a corrected team and marked by several absences due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the team, even without some key figures such as the cases of Bonoso, Marcos Paulo or Samo.

A united, secure and highly connected team between sectors did not give FC Porto any rest. Not even Luis Diaz, who was always well-guarded, could not break through the defensive sector. Therefore, it was no surprise that the tie came. A beautifully impactful goal, with a great touch from Casciano when placing the ball over Marchesen, equalized the results. A goal in which Schettine played an important role with the superb help of his fellow Brazilian.

With everything tied up, a strong reaction was expected from FC Porto, which ended up not happening. He dominated, yes, but he’s always far from Pedro Silva’s goal. He qualified only once, as he saw the ball hit the post, after an area ball fight between Maveram and Evanilson. A sign, though, is rare, for the white and blue players who lost their intensity until the break. The second remained. Here the story was a little different. Sérgio Conceição removed Taremi and Corona deleted and launched Fábio Vieira and Pepê. Porto club grew. Soon another ball was put on the iron, this time by Evanelson, and later by Fabio Vieira’s goal, perfectly converting a penalty. The maximum penalty he was involved in was because it was in an attempt to pass a cross by the Under-21 international where Zag got the ball. The 2-1 score gave the dragons the calmness that dragons had never had.

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Alvaro Pacheco, with few options (there were only two players on the bench…) tried to nullify Porto’s strength through massive commitment and organisation. He was always responding well. He was always alive in a tie and Igor Julião (80) still made a huge save for Marchesen that could keep Minho’s hopes alive. Interestingly, despite this latter effect, Evanelson, in a beautiful header after a corner kick by new player Bruno Costa, would end up closing the match and tying it. There was no cup ceremony, but the merit of Vizella who landed on his feet, in an elaborate match, against FC Porto which only justified the victory in the second half. FC Porto is leading in the Portuguese Cup and in the semi-final list there is a big match. Sporting and FC Porto will discuss a vacancy in the final of the competition.