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BOLA - SC Braga fall in Glasgow and say goodbye to Europe (European League)

BOLA – SC Braga fall in Glasgow and say goodbye to Europe (European League)

Two goals from Tavernier, the Rangers captain, allowed the Scots to turn the bad side of the first leg (SC Braga won, 1-0, in Pedrera), with David Carmo, in the 83rd minute, being a giant between the midfield defenses and the leader. game overtime. Then, with nine, it was mission impossible for SC Braga.

The opening goal came just two minutes later, as Tavernier finished the move started by Kent, on the left, where he played for Barisic, who sent a cross to Aribo to serve the captain, who passed the ball between the left post and Matthews … Three minutes later, Rangers saw the cancellation of Rove’s goal after he The referee consulted the VAR, who confirmed Parisic’s hand after a header from No. 25.

Braga never managed to get the ball (in the first half Rangers had 69 percent of the ball), and the Scots targeted Matheus several times.

In the first half, there was only one shot from SC Braga on goal: at 24 minutes, Ricardo Horta hit the ball over the bar.

One minute before the end of the first half, Braga’s life became complicated, and in any way … Tormina Rof knocked inside the area, saw a direct red card, and in converting the penalty kick, Tavernier scored two goals.

In the supplemental phase, Carvalhal made a 4×3×1, beat Andre Horta and fired Moura to bolster the defense. But the Scots went on a very strong attack, which caused many chills to the inhabitants of Braga.

In the 64th minute, Goldson hit the crossbar after a free kick from Tavernier. Rangers literally slaughtered SC Braga who, in a set piece, at 83 minutes turned out to be happy: Iuri Medeiros took a corner kick and David Carmo jumped higher to make his header towards goal.

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In extra time, Rangers, with the strong support of their fans, and always at the top, reached the goal, via Ruf, who in the frontal area only had to set foot, after Aribo’s pass. Four minutes later, Iori Medeiros saw two yellow cards, one for a foul on Balogun and the other for protests, causing SC Braga to be reduced to nine…

The Scots took the opportunity to kill the match, with Arfield, at 110′, hitting the crossbar, but Minho never threw the towel and tried (almost) the impossible, but legs (and head) weren’t given. For more.

Rangers advance to the semi-finals, where they will face RC Leipzig of Portugal, Andre Silva, while Braga bid farewell to Europe with their heads held high.