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BOLA - UCI Hangs Popular-Boavista Radio (Cycling)

BOLA – UCI Hangs Popular-Boavista Radio (Cycling)

The UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal suspended Radio Popular-Boavista, which this season has adopted the name Radio Popular-Paredes-Boavista, for 20 days, based on Section 7.12. 45 days of a team, within 12 months, submits two unusual cases in a biological passport.

The penalty, which was in effect between April 29 and May 18 and only applied to presence in international competitions, will prevent the squad from being contested in the Tour of Asturias, as early as next weekend.

The UCI decision was based on the four-year bans applied to Domingos Gonçalves and David Rodriguez, respectively, the first for changes to the biological passport between July 2018 and December 2019, and the second for the same reason since August 2018.

“From the moment we were notified of the situation by the UCI, to make allegations in the Domingos and David cases, we immediately proceeded with the process because the deadline given was too short. As the suspension has an impact only on international competitions, it was also in our interest to present The process to start in the history of the Tour of Asturias, it was confirmed, also avoided problems in the Joaquim Agostinho Cup and in Volta a Portugal, which are the international competitions that follow”, the team’s sporting director, Jose Santos, told A BOLA.

“During the process, and in our defense, the UCI informed us that we had not been notified by the ADoP and were unaware that the cyclists were in this situation. The answer was that while they could admit there was no negligence, the facts we provided were not sufficient to bypass regulations, So the slightest comment stipulated in the legislation was applied. We asked for a warning instead of a comment, but the decision has already been made,” José Santos admitted in a trembling voice indignant at the situation.

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“After so many years of full-time sports, I am saddened by what is happening. This issue has nothing to do with what is happening at W52-FC Porto. Coincidence of dates, it appeared at the same time and is still unpleasant for the team, cyclists, sponsors and for those who enjoy the sport. I am sad and bitter, But I realize that laws must be obeyed.”

Once the suspension ends, Radio Paredes Boavista, in addition to continuing to compete in national competitions, will be able to return to international competitions, so its presence in Volta and Portugal is guaranteed.

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