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Bola - Varela will sign a one-year contract (FC Porto)

Bola – Varela will sign a one-year contract (FC Porto)

Sylvester Varela has returned to FC Porto. At 36, the winger signs a valid season contract with the Blues and the Whites today and boosts the B team. Varela arrived yesterday afternoon from Cape Verde, where he spent his holidays and developed the first contacts with SAD for his comeback, differently. But it is an equally attractive competitive environment.

As has happened in the past with players such as Gonçalo Brandão or Zé António, FC Porto realizes that it is important to the youngsters in the formation, as well as those looking outside the boundaries and reaching the B team, the penultimate level of the main part. Formation, to obtain references in the field to provide advice and guidance and help them reach levels of excellence, while assimilating further the sporting culture of FC Porto.

The 36-year-old winger has all that house knowledge accumulated during the seven-and-a-half seasons he was associated with FC Porto – meanwhile he spent a year ceding West Bromwich and Parma – and where he won the title. European Dragon League 2010/2011, three national championships, five Super Candido de Oliveira Cups and two Portuguese Cups.

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