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BOMB: Jim Ryan, president of PlayStation, is leaving his position

BOMB: Jim Ryan, president of PlayStation, is leaving his position

Like a bolt from the sky, Jason Schreier revealed a new scoop: Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation, will be ready to leave his position. The information was shared with Bloomberg News (the newspaper where Schreyer works) through two sources, the X journalist wrote.

Now, Playstation itself has just confirmed that Jim Ryan is leaving the company! Below is the official statement:

Jim Ryan thanks the PlayStation community as he announces his plans for Retirement from Sony Interactive EntertainmentmenHe has it March 2024.

Why is Jim Ryan leaving and who will replace him?

The question now is what are the reasons for leaving the position and who can replace him. Unfortunately, these are details that have not been revealed, and you may not be aware of this information yet. So, for now, it will just be speculation that we are sure that fans will be able to manage things independently.

Jim Ryan has been part of Sony ever since 1994 He has been President and CEO of SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment, also known as PlayStation) since 2019.

Among the latest statements made by the person responsible for PlayStation is the fact that “all publishers unanimously hate” Game Pass. It also brings Sony games to Playstation and focuses on games as a service. The Japanese company has invested a lot, including acquiring Bungie because of this strategy that has not yielded satisfactory results so far.

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Right now, little is known about upcoming Playstation games and recent conferences have disappointed fans.

Goodbye, Mr. Jim Ryan!