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Bookmakers' favorites and racing odds from Ukraine and the Temple.

Bookmakers’ favorites and racing odds from Ukraine and the Temple.

ESC 2022 starts with the first semifinal on Tuesday, but who are the favorites in the final? The bookies have given a clear answer to this.

The Eurovision song contest is casting its shadow forward. It will not be long before many musicians become representatives of their own nations and fight for success ESC 2022. There is a clear option – at least when it comes to bookmakers.

When will ESC 2022 take place?

ESC 2022 will take place from May 10 to 14, 2022. The grand final will take place on Saturday, May 14, just before the opening rounds. There will be two semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday.

Where will ESC 2022 take place?

Last year the Italian band MÃ¥neskin won the title of “Zitti e buoni”. Hence, the 66th edition of the ESC Italy Happens – more precisely in Turin. The event is coming to Italy for the third time in 1965 in Naples and in 1991 in Rome.

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ESC: Favorites 2022

It is rare to have such a big option before an ESC like this year. This is also due to the dramatic situation surrounding the war Ukraine. Great expressions of solidarity are expected for the Ukrainians, the obvious choice of bookmakers.

From the industry portal Shows that betting providers give Ukraine a chance of winning between 1.55 and 1.60. In the latter case, if Ukraine wins, you will get 16 euros by betting ten euros. The Ukrainian band Kalush is considered a favorite by local and international bookmakers.

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Behind them are Italy, Great Britain and Sweden. All three participants came in with odds ranging from 7.0 to 10.0. You can theoretically convert ten euros to 100 euros.

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How much better are Germany’s prospects in ESC 2022?

According to bookmakers, Germany is not a favorite of ESC in Turin. Germany have always been one of the top five ESC qualifiers. However, Germany’s representative Malik Harris was not given a good chance. Bookmakers have not seen a newcomer in the top 20 with his song “Rockstars”. Fluctuations between 100.0 and 300.0 are astronomically high.

What is the mode in ESC 2022?

Voting works in the big ESC finals as it did in previous years. The jury will evaluate and telephone the respective countries to determine which country will ultimately win.

This method is used in both ESC semifinals. The top ten will each make it to the finals. Big favorite Ukraine also had to compete in the semifinals, but has now qualified for the final.

Where will he be ESC Changed in 2022?

The big music event can be watched on free TV in Germany. In ARD The final show will air from 8.15pm. Can stream in the semifinals ARD-In mediathek or

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