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“Bookshelf worth €75,800”, by Uzina for Ikea, wins CCP – ECO Grand Prize

“Bookshelf worth €75,800”, by Uzina for Ikea, wins CCP – ECO Grand Prize

Shelf €75,800”, from Ozina For IKEA, is the biggest winner of the 26th CCP Festival. gThe great journalists' award is ““Browse Odds”, from “Coming Soon” to “Betclic”, The Grand Prize for Good was awarded to “When I grow up I want to become an accountant“, From Stream and Tough Guy to Crib Help.

Graphical He won the cup better The Agency of the Year and Advertiser of the Year awards are Click.

Recall that 933 works were entered into the competition this year, and 346 works made it to the shortlist. A total of 35 gold, 65 silver and 105 bronze were awarded. The winners were then announced on Friday night, at a ceremony held in the former Fábrica do Pão space, in the Beato Innovation District.

Category Advertising There were 63 finalists and 33 awards, including 18 bronze, nine silver and six gold. design There were 80 finalists and 54 awards, including 26 bronze, 19 silver and nine gold.

In the category Digital There were 71 finalists and 47 awards, including 28 bronze, 12 silver and seven gold. Brand experiences he had 27 finalists and 13 award-winning works, including six bronze, four silver and three gold. craft In the ad There were 73 finalists, and 39 works were awarded, 20 bronze, 15 silver and four gold.

In the category Creativity in the media There were 23 finalists who received 14 awards, including five bronze, six silver and three gold. in Integration and innovationWith nine finalists, they took home two bronze and three gold. This year, 933 works participated in the competition, and 346 works were shortlisted. A total of 35 gold, 65 silver and 105 bronze were awarded. All award-winning works can be viewed here here.

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Check out the best in each category in the competition:


  • Best advertiser: Intermarche
  • Best Agency: Stream and Tough Guy


  • Best Advertiser: Cabrita Wines
  • Best Dealership: This is Pacifica


  • Best Advertiser: Joanna Barrios
  • Best Agency: Graphicismo

Brand experiences

  • Best Advertiser: Betclic
  • Best Agency: Stream and Tough Guy

Craft in advertising

  • Best Advertiser: National Green Roof Association
  • Best Audio Product: Núcleo Audio
  • Best Photo Producer: Moore Maria

Creativity in the media

  • Best Advertiser: Walt Disney Portugal
  • Best Agency: OMD

Integration and innovation

  • Best Advertiser: Liquor Perao
  • Best Agency: Mustard

That same night, Jorge Barrot, a visual artist and advertiser, was honored with a Career Award. The award was presented by the distinguished and creative designer Manuel Perez.