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Bordeaux suspended for attacking its opponents and suspended Ligue 1 promotion ::

Bordeaux suspended for attacking its opponents and suspended Ligue 1 promotion ::

Calculations have been made for who will ascend to the French League this season, although it has not been decided in the traditional way. Bordeaux’s match with Rodez was interrupted by a Girondins fan who attacked a player of the opposing team and will not be resumed, so Bordeaux has no chance of reaching second place, although the decision of the disciplinary committee still needs to be known regarding the penalty, in the two. In this way, Le Havre secured promotion to Ligue 1 and Metz is waiting for that decision.

We proceed to explain. The match between Bordeaux and Rodez started at 19:45 this Friday, like the 38th and last matchday of the entire second division, but was quickly interrupted when Rodez forward Lucas Baudis scored in the 23rd minute and, in celebration, was pushed hard. Home supporter, from Purdue (see video below).

Buades was on the floor for several minutes before he left the field and the referee sent both teams into the locker room. The clubs and delegates were together for some time and a final decision was made to stop the match permanently, as the player in question suffered an injury and was unable to continue playing, as revealed by the match referee.

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“Considering the elements and the situation that arose, namely a spectator entering the field and attacking a Routine player, he was examined by the visiting club doctor and also by the emergency doctor on duty. Items show that the player cannot resume due to injury. Together with the delegates and the LFP, we are respecting the rules stating that the match cannot be restarted, Renville said at a press conference.

Now, this means that neither team will get points, at least for the time being, in reference to this game, with Bordeaux battling for promotion to Ligue 1 and Rodez battling for maintenance in Ligue 2. Now, the case will be analyzed from Before the Disciplinary Committee, Bordeaux risked suffering an administrative defeat.

Whatever the decision, Bordeaux did not get the three points needed for promotion, and Metz narrowly beat Bastia. 3-2and Le Havre, who beat Dijon 1-0They took the opportunity to ensure, as it seemed, although the final decision of the disciplinary committee still needed to be known, promotion to Ligue 1. Le Havre, in addition, became champions.