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Borderlands 3 - The title brought to you by the Epic Games Store until May 26

Borderlands 3 – The title brought to you by the Epic Games Store until May 26

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This week, the Epic Games Store only offers one game, but what a game! If you missed the shooting game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K, it’s time to find out. Discover billions of your weapons in a crazy adventure that will keep you occupied for a long time! Especially if you decide to play co-op. your goal? Stop the Calypso Twins from uniting the thieves’ clans and gain the greatest power in the galaxy.

You have the option to play as one of the four Vault Hunters.

  • Moze THE GUNNER: When Moze needed help, she created her mechanic, the Iron Bear, for a massive firepower.
  • Amara THE MERMAID: This talented and confident fighter can summon immaterial fists to crush her enemies.
  • FL4K KING OF THE BEASTS: FL4K lives only to hunt, as do the loyal creatures that accompany him. Your favorite prey? their poor thieves.
  • Zane THE SPECIAL AGENT: A hardware fan, Zane is especially good at jumping into combat, wreaking havoc, and walking away as if nothing had happened.

All playable characters are capable of doing the greatest feats on their own, but together, nothing can stop them. The title offers instant collaboration. Whether you’re online or split screen, you can play in co-op whenever you want. Sequence enemies and join challenges, but enjoy individual rewards: in terms of loot, everyone will be served! With so many weapons and gadgets, each battle presents an opportunity to find more gear. Grenades? Yeah. Volcanic guns? it is clear. Legged weapons that chase after your enemies while you curse them hard? why not ?

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distance celebrate 2 years madness last september Border 3 waiting for you. just go to this is the address To get the address for free. You have until May 26 at 5 p.m. to enjoy it. Too late. So don’t wait! You might fall in love with the DLCs. Tell us what you think in the comments below or on social media: FB, TwitterAnd meInstagram And discord.