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Boris Johnson after visiting Kyiv: - The greatest military achievement of the twenty-first century - F.G

Boris Johnson after visiting Kyiv: – The greatest military achievement of the twenty-first century – F.G

Get to know Zelensky: Boris Johnson met Volodymyr Zelensky face-to-face in Kyiv on Saturday.

Boris Johnson appeared on Saturday in a surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital. Now he promises more help in the war against Russia.


Boris Johnson is now promising to send armored vehicles and naval missiles to Ukraine to help it fight Russia.

It was the Ukrainian Embassy in Britain that broke the news of the visit of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to Kyiv to meet the President. The meeting was not announced in advance.

Johnson traveled to Kyiv shortly after Britain promised to send military vehicles to Ukraine as part of a new £100 million crisis package.

Downing Street stated that the purpose of the visit was to show solidarity with Ukraine, as well as to discuss Britain’s long-term support for the war-torn country.

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arms deliveries worth 1.1 billion

Help comes on top of promises from the UK on the delivery of several Starstreak anti-aircraft missiles, as well as another 800 anti-tank missiles and drones, NTB writes. The value of this equipment will be a little more than 1.1 billion NOK.

Johnson also promised NOK 500 million in additional aid through the World Bank. This comes on top of the £394 million the UK has provided in aid.

The British Prime Minister said it was a privilege to meet Zelensky face to face, according to a statement from the British Foreign Office. Downing Street.

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“Ukraine, against all odds, pushed Russian forces away from the gates of Kyiv and achieved the greatest military achievement of the 21st century,” Johnson said.

I have made it clear today that Great Britain stands idly by and stands by its side in this ongoing battle, and we are part of the longer term, adds the Prime Minister.

Johnson made no secret of his views on Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Kyiv.

“Because of President Zelensky’s steadfast leadership, the indomitable heroism and courage of the Ukrainian people, Putin’s hateful goals have been thwarted,” Johnson said after the meeting.

The British prime minister also said Britain was stepping up its military and economic support, and called for a “global coalition to end this tragedy.”

“What Putin has done in places like Potsja and Irben, are war crimes that forever tarnished his reputation and that of his government,” Johnson said.

He asks the West to follow the example of the British

In an update on Telegram that appeared on Saturday, Zelenskyj wrote that Johnson is one of the “most principled opponents of the Russian invasion,” and a leader in sanctions pressure against Russia.

Since then, during a joint press conference with Johnson, he has asked the West to put more pressure on Russia. Other countries should follow Britain’s lead, Zelensky said, adding that it was time to impose a complete embargo on Russia’s energy sector and increase arms supplies to Ukraine.

We must strengthen our anti-war coalition. We hope that London will play a major role in this process, he said.

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According to Zelensky, he and Johnson also talked about rebuilding Ukraine.

Together we will rebuild our country and our cities.

Earlier Saturday, Zelensky also met Austria’s prime minister, Karl Nehammer, in the capital. European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was in Kyiv on Friday to show her support for Ukraine.

On Saturday, von der Leyen announced that the European Union Commission would provide 1 billion euros to help Ukraine. Of this amount, 600 million euros will go to the Ukrainian authorities and the United Nations, and 400 million euros will go to countries on the front lines receiving Ukrainian refugees.

At the same time, the European Union, Canada and Global Citizen have raised more than ten million euros to ensure support for Ukrainian refugees, the major countries of the European Union.