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Boris Johnson apologizes for the video

Boris Johnson apologizes for the video

During question time in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson took a much more modest tone to the uproar surrounding the alleged Christmas party in Downing Street.

Over the past week, the Prime Minister and Downing Street have repeatedly denied that there will be a party.

But during question time in the House of Commons today, Johnson apologized for a video clip of advisers joking about the alleged Christmas party in Downing Street on December 18 last year while the country was under strict coronary restrictions.

“I was also pissed when I saw the clip and I apologize unreservedly,” Johnson said.

He also claims to have received assurances that there was no real birthday party, but said they will now conduct an internal investigation into the incident.

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer was not happy with the prime minister’s response:

Millions of people now think the Prime Minister thinks they are stupid and realize they have been lied to, Starmer angered.

He added that many Britons celebrated Christmas via Zoom and ate turkey on their own during Christmas last year.

Is the Prime Minister not ashamed that Downing Street has not done the same? I asked Starmer during question time in Parliament.

Race: Opposition leader Keir Starmer revolted against the prime minister during question time on Wednesday. Photo: House of Commons

Leaked video

Johnson in bad weather After a recording obtained by ITV News, his then-press spokesman Allegra Stratton is shown answering questions during a mock press conference on December 22, 2020. The questions are related to a Downing Street Christmas party on December 18, 2020. .

514 people died of Covid-19 on the day the alleged party took place, and England had severe coronary restrictions in place. yesterday Even the official account of the British government tweeted That one cannot have Christmas parties at work if the main focus is to have a social gathering.

In the recording, Johnson’s advisor, Ed Oldfield, plays a journalist. Others in the room are commenting jokingly about the alleged party and breaking Corona rules.

During the mock press conference, Stratton was asked if the Prime Minister would agree to a Christmas party.

– What’s the answer to that? asks Stratton.

Oldfield replies that he doesn’t know, but someone else in the room jokingly replies:

– There was no party, it was cheese and wine.

Is cheese and wine good? It was a business meeting, says Stratton, before adding with a laugh:

This dummy party was a business meeting, and there was no social distance.

angry relatives

Many Britons reacted angrily to what happened.

The relatives group “Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK” posted a post on their Facebook pages on Wednesday, asking survivors of the pandemic what they did last Christmas while the government was celebrating.

Many tell how they went to Christmas alone after losing a family member or how they said goodbye to their coronary loved ones in the hospital.

Dr Rosina Allen Khan, a health policy spokeswoman for the opposition Labor Party, who works in the health service itself, said during the time of inquiry on Wednesday that the party in Downing Street was an insult to those who were not allowed to say. Farewell to loved ones.

My question to the Prime Minister is simple: How do you sleep at night?

The Daily Mirror writes that there are two parties: a Christmas party in November last year, where Johnson gave a speech during lockdown, and another for Downing Street employees in December where party games were held, food and drink were served, and where parties continued until after midnight, according to the newspaper. .

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