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Statsminister i Storbritannia, Boris Johnson, 7. juli 2022

Boris Johnson drops out of the Conservative Party leadership race – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Simply put, it is not the right thing to do, Johnson says of further involvement in the battle to become party leader and prime minister, and continues:

You cannot govern effectively if you do not have a unified party in Parliament.

59 Conservative MPs officially endorsed Johnson’s nomination. Candidates need a hundred MPs behind them to continue the race for leadership. In the statement, Johnson said he had the support of 102 party members and that if he wished he could continue campaigning.

– its not the right time

“I think I have a good starting point for giving the Conservatives an electoral victory in 2024, and there is a good chance of winning the primary vote,” he says.

But since he could not come to an agreement with the other candidates Rishi Sunak and Benny Mordaunt, and did not receive broad support in the party, he chose to withdraw. for this time.

– That’s why I better resign and support whoever becomes the new leader. I think I have a lot to offer, but I’m afraid this is simply not the time, Johnson concludes.

The big favourite: Rishi Sunak is now considered the frontrunner to become Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Photo: Alberto Pezzali / AP

Sunak is clearly a favorite – don’t take the job for granted

Hence, the path seems clear for Rishi Sunak to take over as party leader and prime minister.

Election rules Candidates must have the support of more than 100 MPs to proceed with the process. If this gets only one of the candidates, the election will not go to a primary vote among Conservative Party members.

So far, the third and final candidate, Penny Mordaunt, has only the support of 26 colleagues in Parliament. Sunak has 146.

to me BBCIn this issue, 228 out of 357 came out with their support for a candidate.

But according to the BBC, Sunak doesn’t take the job for granted.

A confidant of Sunak said on Monday that he will continue talking with his party colleagues until the deadline for naming candidates expires at 2 p.m., with the aim of “unifying the party and moving the country forward.”

Rishi Sunak has a background as Finance Minister in the government of Boris Johnson. He obtained the ministerial position in 2020 after he was Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance for a year.

This summer he fought for several weeks against Liz Truss for the leadership position in the party. He was one of those who warned of its economic policy.

Penny Mordaunt

Urgent: Penny Mordaunt must secure the minimum 100 votes she needs by 2pm tomorrow to stay in the driving race.

Photo: Justin Thales/AFP

He thinks the party will banish Johnson

Then Liz Truss Forced to resign as party leader and prime minister After several harrowing weeks in British politics, her succession battle began.

The powerful 1922 Party Committee, which sets the rules for such elections, decided that one must have the support of more than 100 deputies to proceed with the election campaign. Many British commentators believe the goal was to keep Boris Johnson away.

If so, it worked poorly. Threw himself on the plane back from vacation in the Caribbean And on the phone directly to collect support. By then, his supporters had already started a campaign on social media to get him back.

A recent opinion poll showed the Conservative Party had the lowest support in British history. They also compiled a list of words people came up with when asked to describe the Conservative government. At the top were “Chaos”, “Incompetent” and “Useless”.

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