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Boris Johnson - Stop speculating about divulging baby information

Boris Johnson – Stop speculating about divulging baby information

but on NBCs Today Show Johnson finally admitted that he had six children.

The number of children whose father is the Prime Minister has been a moot point in the UK for several years.

But this time he answered yes to a question if he had six children.

Johnson has four children with ex-wife Marina Wheeler, and one child with Carrie Johnson, whom he married earlier this year.

The error: Prime Minister Boris Johnson had major problems with the parachute at a party in Staffordshire on July 28. Video: NTB
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The last child comes from an affair with another woman when he was married to Wheeler.

British media reported that the woman tried to go to court over the media’s refusal to say that Johnson, then mayor of London, would have children as a result of an extramarital affair.

Johnson has not explained why he has now chosen to admit he has six children.

The 57-year-old Johnson divorced Wheeler in 2018, and became engaged to 24-year-old Carrie, then Symonds the following year.

In 2020, they had their first child, Wilfred.

– It was great to have a child at the same time he was prime minister, it was a lot of work, but I love him. There were a lot of diaper changes, laughs in the interview.

In August, the couple announced that they were expecting another child, and therefore the Prime Minister will be the father of seven children.

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