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Bose QuietComfort Ultra: Superior quality – gadgets and lifestyle

Bose QuietComfort Ultra: Superior quality – gadgets and lifestyle

When we talk about sound quality, many brands come to mind and Bose is unlikely to be one of them. For nearly 60 years of providing the best sound to its customers, the North American brand continues to innovate, launching models on the market capable of taking the audio experience to another level and one of the latest promises to be talked about a lot. These are brand new Quiet Comfort Ultra, which appear on the market to replace the Noise Canceling Headphones 700 and are immediately distinguished by their attractive appearance and also by their immediate comfort, which we feel practically immediately as soon as we start using them. If we were to indicate its ideal use, we would say that it is the ideal companion for a longer trip, especially by plane. But we’ll get to that… Let’s start with the specs. New QuietComfort Ultra weight only 250 grams It is accompanied by a very useful carrying case – with a USB-C cable for charging and an audio cable with 2.5mm and 3.5mm output – which weighs another 200g. In total, with the case and earbuds, they weigh less than 500 grams. A good starting point, we’d say.

When we take it out of the bag, the comfortable look of the model becomes immediately apparent. The headband is almost completely padded — except for a few centimeters there — and the headphone pads are incredibly comfortable and, apparently, resistant. But even if they wear out – because they will eventually wear out – these rubbers can be replaced, in order to maintain the quality of noise insulation, but also the good appearance of the model itself.

The carrying case allows you to take the headphones anywhere very conveniently

The QuietComfort Ultra is equipped with three different noise-canceling modes – Quiet, Aware and Immersion – and has been tested in different environments, the most complex being those involving public transport, specifically metros or airplanes. That’s when we tested it further and the response was amazing. Especially on the plane, where we were able to listen to our music as if we were at home, without any background noise. Which is sometimes especially appreciated when we want to sleep on those flights and there is a lot of noise around. The immersion function is also interesting, because by selecting this mode in the app, we can make the sound “move” depending on our head movements.

In addition to the sound quality, the QuietComfort Ultra headphones also have two built-in microphones, allowing you to take calls without any problems. The sound is good, but the truth is that this feature isn’t exactly these headphones’ greatest asset. The main advantage is the sound quality when playing music, movies or video games.

The model stands out for its convenience

The model stands out for its convenience

From a control point of view, the QuietComfort Ultra has three action points, all on the right, in addition to what we can do on the device itself that plays the audio. There are two buttons – one for turning the headphones on and off, but also for pairing with other devices; Another is to pause playback and switch between songs and cancel modes. There is also a “line” that allows you to increase or decrease the volume. Everything is very intuitive. Another fact that pleased us is the battery life. According to Bose, it lasts up to 24 hours (something we couldn’t determine, but it seemed reliable) and can charge in about 3 hours. Data that guarantees us a great deal of autonomy from the beginning and, once used, relatively quickly when it comes to charging again.


It is possible to “fold” the headphones for better storage

There are a few ‘disadvantages’ we should point out, starting with there being no way to use noise cancellation to its fullest extent when using headphones on a computer. Then, although the quality is very good, we were not able to “play” with different modes, something that we will really appreciate, for example, when we play games or even watch movies and series. The other negative point isn’t exactly a negative, but rather something that can put off potential buyers: the price. 519 euros is a high price, which is not affordable for all bags, but in this case it is the price to pay for the quality and possible durability of this model, which is available on the market in three different colors (black, white and “sandstone”).

To close the analysis, let’s just talk about the Bose Music app, which allows you to simply control all the additional functions of the headphones. In terms of connectivity, the QuietComfort Ultra can be used simultaneously on two devices, allowing us to switch from one device to another without any problems.

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