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Boston Dynamics Atlas robot with “Exorcist”-like movements.

Boston Dynamics Atlas robot with “Exorcist”-like movements.

Earlier this week, Boston Dynamics It announced that it has stopped producing the Atlas robot. But the company, which is famous for publishing videos of its robots performing various tasks and even acrobatics, was not going to give up on building more models of robots and yesterday presented a new Atlas that, in addition to its human appearance (and reminding of a robot), the Netflix series Lost in Space has additional flexibility. Makes you move like the girl in The Exorcist. The company has already published a video, which we reproduce above.

The hydraulic version of the Atlas can walk, run and even do parkour. Boston Dynamics spent many years perfecting the technology that allowed Atlas to balance on two legs, a very important ability for all robots that are designed to navigate and interact with a world built by humans and for humans. However, the tubes needed to operate the hydraulic motor technology that was used in the Atlas I presented a weak point and often failed when the robot attempted more complex movements. At the moment of bidding farewell to the first atlases, Boston Dynamics published a video clip showing the greatest feats and failures of these robots.

The new electric version of the Atlas is completely different from previous models. The introductory video shows Atlas lying on the ground and then starting to stand up like the girl from “The Exorcist” as she bends her legs back to stand, then turns her head 180 degrees and shows the circular area where the sensors are installed and which contains an LED light. It rang all around him. Then the whole body turns and the Atlas leaves the plane and walks.

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In terms of hydraulic models, the new Atlas is much less bulky because it no longer needs to have a “backpack” containing all the hardware needed for the hydraulic systems to operate the robot. According to what Boston Dynamics CEO L TechCrunch website: “He will be able to do many movements that humans cannot do. There will be many practical uses for these abilities.

The electric version of Boston Dynamics' robot is another step toward building a viable commercial robot. Next year, the company plans to start testing the new Atlas at Hyundai factories (the company is owned by Hyundai). The final version of the new atlas could arrive within a few years and should be very similar to the version presented now.