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Botswana.  In 2021, elephant hunting revenue reached $ 2.7 million

Botswana. In 2021, elephant hunting revenue reached $ 2.7 million

After Botswana lifted its five-year ban on elephant poaching, foreign poachers have left the country with $ 2.7 million since the beginning of this year, according to the US broadcaster Voice of America. One third of the world’s mammals live in South Africa. Opponents of elephant poaching should put an end to this practice.

The Botswana government has issued 287 elephant hunting licenses this year. Foreign hunters pay up to $ 43,000 to shoot a person.

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“Hunting revenues have risen from about $ 1.3 million in 2014 to $ 2.7 million this year,” Botswana’s Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Tourism Philda Kereng said in a parliamentary speech on Monday.

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– My department is confident that poaching profits will continue to grow once epidemics and travel restrictions are lifted. The Voice of America radio station added that intensive vaccination programs against COVID-19 would increase interest in tourism.

The solution to the “conflict between humans and nature”

In 2019, Botswana’s President Mogwitzi Macici recalled that the decision to lift the ban on elephant poaching was based on “the need to resolve the growing conflict between humans and nature and the desire to provide income for local communities.” American Broadcasting Station.

Botswana has the world’s largest elephant population, estimated at more than 130,000, and the Voice of America said opponents of poaching should end the practice.

By 2020, hundreds of Botswana elephants will have died as a result of toxins produced by aquatic micro-organisms.

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