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Boxing on the sidelines?  Klopp and Arteta almost broke out - England

Boxing on the sidelines? Klopp and Arteta almost broke out – England

Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0

Arsenal’s heavy defeat against Liverpool (4-0) The nerves were in the gunner’s seat. Mikel Arteta lost his mind 32 minutes into the first half, still leading 0-0, and “thrown himself” in front of Jurgen Klopp, with the Reds coach responding. On the pitch, Sadio Mane played aero with Takehiro Tomiasu and the Spanish Arsenal coach was very upset. Klopp must have told him something he didn’t like hearing because Arteta threw himself off the Liverpool bench, and had to be grabbed by his assistants. The referee was not elegant and showed the coaches the yellow card.

After the match, which is now quieter, Arteta made it clear that the coaches were limited to defending their team. “Nothing happened. He was defending his team and I was defending me. I congratulated him on the match,” the Spaniard told Sky Sports. “For me these events are here, they are part of the game.”

Jurgen Klopp also played down the issue. “I have to say the referee did a good job, I know I deserved the yellow card and that’s not a problem.”

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