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Brad Pitt with a new trial against Angelina Jolie - VG

Brad Pitt with a new trial against Angelina Jolie – VG

Excited: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood before their marriage ended in a bitter separation.

Angelina Jolie (46) won a small court victory in July, but Brad Pitt (57) has no intention of settling that.


Julie got any Court endorsement In throwing the special judge that the couple chose themselves over four years ago to deal with complex dispute About the distribution of children.

background: Angelina wants the kids to testify – the judge refuses

The California Court of Appeals ruled that Judge John W no longer used, because he allegedly has very close relationships with Pitt – something Jolie claims she wasn’t aware of prior to making the deal.

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Now asks a house according to USA TODAY That decision be reversed. In an 87-page document for the California Supreme Court, Pete explains why he believes the decision’s basis for appeal findings is incorrect.

Theodore J. Boutros, Jr., one of Pitt’s attorneys, told USA Today that the appeals court’s decision is not only unfair to Pitt, but is also “harmful to children and bad for California’s crowded justice system.”

Pete also claims that Jolie uses tactics to delay the trial, and maintains that Judge Ouderkirk is the man to find the best solution for the children.

For her part, Jolie insisted that Pitt and the dismissal judge engaged in unethical practices – an order that the appeals court agreed to.

Broke in 2016

Jolie and Pitt separated five years ago and It was never officially In 2019. But Hollywood stars did it You have not yet benefited from an agreement About the care of their six children, Maddox (19), Pax (17), Zahra (16) and Shilo (14) and twins Knox and Vivienne (12).

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How they practice distribution today is unknown – nor are the details of what Pete is asking for. Initially, he applied for joint sponsorship, 50/50, but Jolie refused to agree.

It is common in Hollywood for superstars to appoint special judges in connection with divorce.

Julie told the court in March of this year that she claims to be able to Provide evidence that Pete was violent. She also wanted to allow the children to testify, something the now-appointed judge has rejected.

As the eldest child is 19 years old, and two of the children are under 14, only the remaining three are witnesses.