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Bradley Cooper impresses Guillermo del Toro as a fraudster

Bradley Cooper impresses Guillermo del Toro as a fraudster

Bradley Cooper has never been so enjoyable Nightmare Lane By Guillermo Del Toro. At an exhibition in New York in the 1940s, he became Stanton Carlisle, a man with a chaotic past and questionable morals who first imposed himself as a psychiatrist. .

“I wanted Bradley Cooper to unleash the confusing side I saw in him Infinite And A star was born, Configures Guillermo Del Toro 20 minutes. I wanted people to understand that Stanton was capable of destroying people in Carlisle, but he was so charismatic that we accepted that we could be drowning in bamboo. The actor gave a dark Gary Cooper look to cover up the dark designs of his character.

The two Americas repeat

The CharlotteWilliam Lindsay Gresham’s novel, published in 1946, was already brought to the screen the following year by Edmund Golding. The edition, written by Guillermo del Toro, won an Oscar The form of water In 2018, and his wife, Kim Morgan, oscillate between classic and modern. “It’s a cinematic party, the director insists. The story resonates today with its plot, lies and paranoia.

He then tries to enter the city, where a psychiatrist, Cate Blanchett, as an icy woman, takes him to his own game. The exhibition where people honestly deceive the public, and the city that gives them the respectable gender when the elites are deeply corrupt. Guillermo del Toro’s love for different creatures is evident throughout this homage to the film noir with fancy pictures.

“Stanford Carlisle is like a drug dealer, he shoots himself with his cargo,” Guillermo del Toro explains. Seeing the difference between horror and reality and his discoveries proves to be a great idea.We leave the room with a shudder in a column Dream Alley Delicious dark.

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